Youth Ministry update

I can’t help but think, what a great week it is to be in Youth Ministry.

After participating in First Glance’s annual Rock The Road trip last weekend, this weekend the Goss Youth group is headed to a Camp for our annual Fall Retreat!  These two opportunities will allow me to spend around 100 hours with our youth this week.  Think of the impact that can be made!  I am hours away from loading up the van with kids and supplies yet again, and I am very excited.

Our theme/topic for the retreat is “Communication Generation”.  With the technological advances over the past couple of decades, people (especially our youth) are communicating in ways that are brand new to the planet.  Even your ability to read this blog post is an absolutely incredible technological feat.  We are going to be challenging our youth to use these new forms of communication (texting, Facebook, the Internet, etc.) is ways that honor Christ, as often they are used to tear each other down.

Would you join us in praying for the youth this weekend?  If so, please pray that each student will come away challenged to communicate clearly in all the ways that they communicate, that they may share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone they come into contact with.

Thank you for your support!




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