Missions, Missions, Missions

So this past weekend we had a total of six different missions organizations represented by eight different individuals involved in our 2010 Missions Conference.  Let me ask a blunt question:  so what?

I don’t ask that to belittle anything that happened or anyone who was here.  I ask the question to get you thinking:  what should our response to this conference be?  Let me share a few personal gleanings from the weekend.

1.  It is very encouraging to me to hear what people are doing and sacrificing for the Lord.  There were some tough moments shared and some excellent honesty and transparency.

2.  People struggle in the Lord’s work.  I know I struggle at times, and it was unifying to know that these called servants had their struggles too.

3.  The Lord does things in different ways.  A variety of methods were described by the various missionaries who participated.  The type of ministry varied by region and culture.  Let’s take a warning from this not to be too tied into one model of ministry!

In all, an inspiring weekend.  I hope that being exposed to such a weekend has stirred the hearts of our congregation to support missions and also to “go” and make disciples in our lives too!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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