Church on Monday

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?  “Church” on Monday.  I thought that was only for Sundays.  Problem is, it’s not – and never has been.

We gather at certain points throughout each week (typically Sundays and Wednesdays).  Most Christians do.  But, that is not “church”.  Those are church services: times to worship, pray, hear God’s Word, dissect it together, apply it to our lives.  So, we can’t just walk away from a building on Sunday and Wednesday and say we’ve done church!

Church is on Monday too.  And any other day we’re not “officially” gathered.  Church is when you lead your family in a couple songs, a memory verse, and a short Bible lesson.  It’s when you pray with your wife, it’s when you visit your neighbor.  It’s when you do something for someone that you may not really want to do.  Church is when you get the chance to be an example and do the right thing.  It’s when you get a chance to pray with someone, be available to help or care for someone, share meals together, or encourage someone who needs it.

Seriously, wouldn’t it say something if our community as Christians was limited to one or two days per week?  Wouldn’t it seem a little weak if something was so great that it was limited in our lives to one hour a week?  TV shows do that!  Community should be organic.  It should just naturally be a part of what we do.  Fellowshipping with believers.  Reaching out to nonbelievers.  Visiting or calling just to say hello, to pray, or to encourage.  Just part of the fiber of our being.  An overflow of joy in Jesus.

We talked at length yesterday (between morning and evening) about being fools for Christ.  What we do with our time, our joy, our money, our love for Jesus in our every day lives is what makes it count.  I hope that the foolish ways we live our lives will point to the Savior who so gloriously gave up His life for us.  So, as you think today:  what time is church?

Pastor Kevin

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