A Very Moving Day

It is difficult to express everything that went through my mind yesterday.  I truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Here are a few highlights:

1.  It was truly great to have Pastor Bud there.  A quick summary of lessons he learned and a simple challenge to love people was outstanding.

2.  The top several things that stood out from Pastor Bob’s challenge:  1)  Dream for people 2) Give it away  3) Don’t give up on your role as a father and a husband to be the super-pastor.

3.  Serve.

I will remember the challenges from yesterday throughout my years of ministry.  I truly believe the Holy Spirit encouraged many people who were there yesterday (if not all!).  So, the message and the day was certainly not centered around Kevin, but directed to the believers at Goss.

Another wonderful lining to yesterday was the presence of family and friends.  My mother Patty, my brother Kyle (from Minneapolis), my dad (via heaven!), my in-laws Rick and Sheree (they are worthy of a better title than in-laws), my Aunt Judy and Uncle Raymond, Chuck and Gloria Stewart from e3 Partners, and several others made it a very special day.

The only thing I can ask is that we continue to uplift this church, its leadership, and mission and purpose as we continue to strive to stay faithful to Christ.  May we treasure Jesus deeply in our hearts!

In Christ

Pastor Kevin


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