Qur’an burning story

The story is everywhere.  From CNN, to Fox News, to the top story on BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation) The story of a Florida Pastor planning a Qur’an burning on September 11th (tomorrow) has truly made international news.

Another story that has made international news is the ‘Ground Zero mosque’ or Park 51 debate, which surrounds a plan to build a Muslim recreational center two blocks from Ground zero.

It appears also that these stories are beginning to intertwine together, as the Florida Pastor is saying that he will call off the Qur’an burning if the plans to build Park 51 are stopped.  These stories, for better or for worse, have brought Christianity and Islam into the middle of the public media, and the world is watching for our response.

The media have certainly had their agendas, and have overemphasized this story to the point that Anti-American protests are happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  We need to remember that everything we know about this story is delivered to us through the media.  The mainstream media has given the voice of Christianity to this one Florida Pastor of a congregation of less than 50 people.  In light of this, I would like to post a couple of articles from Christians against this Pastor’s actions.

Here is an article from the director of Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Florida.

Here is an article from Christianity Today.

My hopes and prayers for us, as Goss Memorial Church, in light of this story are as follows:

~That we would pray.  More specifically, that we would pray for the Florida Pastor’s heart.

~That we would remember that judgement and condemnation is not our responsibility.

~That we would radically live out the words and actions of Jesus Christ.

~That we would follow Jesus by loving our enemies and praying for those who persecute us.

May we be a congregation of Jesus Christ, showing His love, grace and peace.  For the world, and the lost, are watching us.




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  1. Tim Franklin said

    Well said, Josh. You have learned well, young Jedi.

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