God, or You?

by:  Pastor Kevin Burkholder

I put God first in the title to this post.  It’s something resonating in my mind over these initial weeks as we’ve covered some ground so far in I Corinthians.  In a world that is very man centered, so far we have encountered the opening of a letter that is very God centered.  It’s very much anti-culture, isn’t it?

Much of what is in the public forum revolves around man.  We’re sold advertisements that tell us to buy things that make us feel good.  The world of higher education often rewards ideas which are anti-biblical.  On and on and on we can go about our the wisdom of the age and the foolishness of it.

So, can we ask for God to continually remind us how foolish it is to live by the world’s wisdom?  Will it be our prayer that the Holy Spirit (who lives inside us if we’re believers) will continually guide us into truth, teaching us spiritual truths from the unsearchable depths of God?  Will we fight the fight for our own faith and for the lives of others who have yet to come to salvation in Christ?

Lord help us see your truth clearly and live by it!


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